Presenting @ AHCC & CRCC

As part of a Eastern Washington mini-tour, I visited Coyote Ridge on Monday, August 5th and Airway Heights on Tuesday, August 6th. It is experiences like the ones I had in these institutions that reward me in ways that no paycheck ever could. The men inside of both institutions were full of gratitude, highly engaged, and thirsting for new information that they can apply both while on the inside and once they get out to make sure they live a life of prosperity.

The absolute highlight was a 23 year young black man at Coyote Ridge who approached me and told me he read my book and it inspired him deeply because we had so much in common. He began listing different aspects of my life that he was able to relate to and told me that I helped him to see that he can accomplish anything he wants to upon his release. He was actually one of several people who read my book and according to the librarian it’s pretty much always checked out.

When I hear stuff like that I know it’s all been worth it! I’m reaching who I need to be reaching. Honestly there was just a lot of gratitude expressed for me just being there. Some of these guys had decades left on their sentence or even life without parole and to know that I can be a source of hope is an amazing feeling.