Omari Amili is available for work as an independent contractor. He delivers inspirational speeches, informative and interactive presentations, and offers a unique perspective as someone who is a product of the school-to-prison pipeline and comes from a background of poverty and dysfunction, but is also highly educated with degrees in Human Services, Psychology, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences: Self & Society, and a Master’s degree from the University of Washington in Interdisciplinary Studies: Community & Social Change (topic, preventing recidivism through post-secondary education). Omari’s story is unique in many ways, but also relateable for the thousands of individuals he has touched on his journey of transformation.

Fees vary based on the request. The types of work he is available for includes but is not limited to:

Book signings

Book discussions



Speaking engagements




Social justice event planning




Whats is the name/theme of the event?
Who do you represent?
On what date or dates would you like Omari to be present?
How long would you like Omari to speak?
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