April Updates

April was a highly productive month for Omari.

On April 13th, Omari presented to two groups of teenagers at the 2019 Lakewood Youth Summit. Omari’s presentation was part of the Health & Wellness session, which was focused on drug and alcohol abuse prevention.

On April 14th Omari visited Larch Corrections Center where he had previously served time before releasing from prison in June, 2008. He presented “From Crime to the Classroom: How Education Changes Lives” in front of a large and engaged audience of men who were fired up about the possibilities being introduced.

On April 17th, Omari was invited to sit on a panel at Bryant Montessori School. The topic of the discussion was equity based education.

On April 19th and 20th, Omari was a presenter at the Washington State Students of Color Conference in Yakima. His presentation on the 19th was on the topic of Public Institutions & Responsibility: Formerly Incarcerated People in Higher Education. He gave a second presentation on the 20th, on the topic of Overcoming Adversity & Graduating from College.

On April 23rd Omari and Dr. Christopher Beasley were interviewed by the Paw’d Defiance Podcast. The interview covered topics such as incarceration and the path from prison to college.
You can listen to the interview here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/265902/1119125

On April 30th, Omari participated in the Governor’s Results Washington Initiative meeting via video.
You can watch the meeting at the following link (Omari is at 40 minutes):