Booking Info

Progression Workshop

Omari contracts with various institutions and organizations to bring the Progression workshop to your setting. There are great benefits for the individuals who participate but also for society as a whole as well as institutions of higher education who will see increased enrollment and retention as a result of these workshops. The workshop can be customized to fit your audience and setting.

Speaking and Consulting

Omari is available for speaking and presenting at your events and also for consulting purposes. The combination of a disadvantaged background and advanced education provide a unique and valuable lens into the social problems affecting people from disadvantaged backgrounds. He does not only seek to assist people who were formerly incarcerated and come from disadvantaged backgrounds but he is also a member of that group and can provide a valuable perspective. He has experience speaking for organizations such as The Seattle Times, the University of Washington, Correctional Industries, South Seattle College, and Highline College.

Book Readings/Discussions/Signings

Omari is also available for appearances related to his book, Transforming Society’s Failure.

For booking, please use the contact form.