Omari & Friends @ Echo Glen Youth Facility

On February 5th, 2018, Omari was joined by  his friends Shaun Worthy, Christopher Johnston, Michelle McClendon, and photographer Jacob Brown at Echo Glen Juvenile Detention Center for an event commemorating Black History Month.

When Omari learned that there was an opportunity to bring packages for the kids he made a post on Facebook that led to widespread support from several individuals. While some of these contributors were friends, many of them were strangers. Fortunately for the incarcerated youth who received the packages, even strangers are included in the village that it takes to raise a child. In addition to the support of individuals, this event also had the support of organizations such as Choose 180, which donated t-shirts and wristbands, and movements such as Womxn’s March Seattle.

Each young person who participated in the event received hygiene products, snacks, and a copy of  Omari’s book, Transforming Society’s Failure.


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