Files from my Computer: The Mindset that led to Progression

Every now and then I like to go through old documents on my computer. Sometimes it might be academic writing, sometimes it might be random writing, other times it might be a project I started and never finished or some sort of planning. One of the things I will be doing on this here website is sharing these writings.

The following is the content of a full 175 word document from my laptop dated 11/15/2014. I was in my first quarter of grad school. This was around the time of my father’s funeral. I had not yet began my Master’s project or made a decision about which direction I would go.

Title: College
Created: 11/15/2014 9:00 p.m.

As a graduate student I know that most of the people doing research on disadvantaged populations have never actually been members of these populations. Most scholars conducting research on high school dropouts did not actually drop out of high school. Most scholars conducting research on convicted felons are not actual convicted felons. Most scholars researching poverty have never actually lived in poverty. I feel that I am in a unique position as a graduate student whose focus is on Social Justice because I have once been and in some ways still am where the people I want to serve are. One of my goals is to start a non-profit organization that helps young convicted felons who are non-violent first-time offenders transition from a criminal lifestyle to the life of a college student. In order to successfully do this I will need to do research first and who better to research such a topic than someone who was a young non-violent first-time offender who transitioned from a criminal lifestyle to the life of a college student?