Be a Sponsor

Omari Amili is highly active in the community and he often gives away books and other items to those who might benefit. For example, 60 copies of Transforming Society’s Failure were donated to youth at Echo Glen Children’s Center which is a youth prison, 10 or so copies were given to students at Thomas Jefferson High School, and copies have been gifted to countless individuals who could not afford to pay but could find motivation and inspiration in Omari’s story.

If you would like to help offset the cost for Omari when it comes to giving, please consider making a small contribution. Ideally, a pool of funds will be set aside specifically for charitable purposes including the gifting of books and other items.

$5 Sponsorship: To donate $5 to offset the cost of a donated book visit

$10 Sponsorship: To donate $10 to offset the cost of a donated book while also allowing for expenses such as gas and other materials please visit

If you would like to sponsor more than one copy, please send either $5 or $10 for each copy based on the desired type of sponsorship. You can do so at and we are also able to accepy checks, money orders, Cash App, Venmo, and other payment methods.

Your support is very much appreciated!