Omari Amili is a father of 6 who comes from a very disadvantaged background. He attended over 15 schools growing up before ultimately dropping out. After becoming a dropout, Omari got involved in a bank fraud scheme that landed him in prison on 30 felony convictions.

Upon his release in 2008, Omari decided to utilize post-secondary education as a tool to turn his life around. He gradually climbed higher earning an Associate’s degree in Alcoholism & Drug Abuse, Bachelors’ in Psychology and IAS: Self & Society, and in 2016 he graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Community & Social change. He did his graduate research on preventing recidivism through post-secondary education and created a prison-to-college workshop called Progression. While in graduate school, Omari began writing the book Transforming Society’s Failure. Since graduating, he has become an accomplished community leader, educator, and public speaker.